Meet Our founders

Frayt’s founder started this company on strong morals and continue to maintain those morals today. Go to our about page to learn more on what this company is founded on and how we strive to put the customer and driver first.

Lawrence McCord, Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence McCord

Chief Executive Officer

Our Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence McCord, is half of the brains behind Frayt. With many years in the industry, Lawrence understands how transportation is done. Lawrence helps to maintain our driver community and day to day operations of our application.

Here’s what Lawrence has to say about Frayt:

“I have a history that stretches over 25 years with the transportation industry. I’ve delivered shipments all over this country and I understand the drivers out there and the burdens they bear. For me, Frayt is about creating a company that serves drivers like they’ve never been served before. If you have good and happy drivers, you’re going to have happy shipping customers.”

Clancy Boyer, Chief Branding Officer

Clancy Boyer

Chief Branding Officer

Our Co-founder and Chief Branding Officer, Clancy Boyer, is the other half the brains behind the operation. Coming from a life of design and marketing, Clancy is the one who established and oversees the development of the brand.

Here’s what Clancy has to say about Frayt:

“Frayt is about letting people do what they want. Give them the freedom to do business as they would like to. At the end of the day business is about transactions. Frayt is in the business about making those transactions easier. Today it’s an app that makes shipping & delivery simple. Tomorrow it might be… Well, who knows right now? But, we’re going to find out!”

Josh McCord, Chief Technology Officer

Josh McCord

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer, Josh McCord, is the data behind the operation. Josh developed and maintains the application for both shippers and drivers. He oversees all technology within the company.

Here’s what Josh has to say about Frayt:

“For me it’s about doing business X.0. I love learning and applying what I learn.  The world of tech and business is under constant change. Which means constant learning for me. Frayt is about adapting and bringing that change to our customers. Giving them the very best experience they could expect. And then doing it again, and again.”